Bouchard Speaks Out On Challenges Faced By WTA Players Due To Menstruation

Bouchard Speaks Out On Challenges Faced By WTA Players Due To Menstruation

by Nurein Ahmed

Eugenie Bouchard recently divulged the unspoken reality faced by women competing in the WTA Tour due to their menstrual cycles.

Although women's tennis has experienced a major shakeup in dissolving some of the major issues inherent in the sport, WTA players have been subject to constant pay disparities compared to their male counterparts.

Additionally, coverage of women's matches has also been frowned upon by former World no. 2 Ons Jabeur, who felt that the tournament organizers are not doing adequate work promoting women's tennis.

Last year, there was a sexism row at the Madrid Open where tournament director Feliciano Lopez allegedly abandoned the post-match speeches from the women's doubles players after the final.

But in the midst of all that, one intangible issue that rarely gets serious attention is how women cope with their health when they are in their monthly period.

Bouchard, a former Wimbledon finalist, spoke about the subject during an episode of the NotAlone podcast, referencing an occasion when she struggled with period cramps and pain during practice at the US Open.

"I've definitely experienced period cramps, pain, and I remember having that the day before the US Open in New York. And I was like, thank god this is just a practice day today because if I had to play my match today, it would be really hard."

"That's just something that we have to deal with. We cannot control the schedule."

Tennis authorities such as the WTA are raising awareness and educating players about menstrual health. Wimbledon also chimed in to make an impact.

Last year, the All England Club amended its all-white dress code to allow the competing female players to wear colored undergarments. Bouchard is glad this rule was implemented, as it allows some women to overcome anxiety issues during menstruation.

"And I also know some of the girls on tour also get worried when it comes to Wimbledon because you have to wear white. But now, actually, they changed the rules where you can wear, like, a different colored undergarment. So, like, your, like ball shorts under the dress can be a different color. That's a super recent rule."


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