'I Wish They'd Try More': Jabeur Wants Prime Time Slot Of Women's Matches At Roland Garros

'I Wish They'd Try More': Jabeur Wants Prime Time Slot Of Women's Matches At Roland Garros

by Nurein Ahmed

Ons Jabeur believes Roland Garros has taken some positive first steps to boost women's tennis coverage at the tournament but feels there is still room for improvement.

Jabber has been a staunch critic of tennis authorities who, in recent years, she says, have isolated women's tennis in terms of significant investments and television coverage.

Last year, for instance, she called out the Italian Open organizers to speed up the process of achieving equal prize money at the event. Recently, at the Madrid Open, Jabeur blamed the media and tennis bodies for their insufficient marketing of women's tennis.

The discourse was rekindled once again after the three-time Grand Slam finalist defeated Camila Osorio to reach the third round of Roland Garros. Asked if the clay-court Grand Slam has done anything impressive to promote women's tennis, Jabeur stated that numbers don't lie.

The Tunisian trailblazer commented that women's tennis just doesn't get enough exposure, with just two matches being given primetime slots at the tournament. By contrast, men's matches have filled the night session 20 times since the format was introduced in 2021.

"I'm going to get in trouble again, aren't I (smiling)? Listen, I know they're trying here. I wish they'd try more. It's not something we'll change in a day. I'm watching TV every day. A lot of men matches more than women, and is the truth. I mean, I'm not gonna lie about it."

"I think Amelie (Mauresmo) is doing an amazing job and is trying to change that, but these things, they take time. I wish I can see the change more. Obviously I wish I can see more, like I wish I saw Osaka and Iga's match today as a night session."

"But it's a choice. I understand that. Maybe the prime time is now. I don't know. Again, I will keep pushing for that, and I wish really to see promoting more women's sport in general and women's tennis in general."


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