Badosa Sheds Light On Her Latest Injury After Hua Hin Retirement

Badosa Sheds Light On Her Latest Injury After Hua Hin Retirement

by Zachary Wimer

Paula Badosa missed much of last year due to injuries, so alarm bells sounded when she retired from her match at the 2024 Thailand Open recently.

The Spaniard returned to tennis at the World Tennis League and continued her comeback Down Under in Australia. It was a pretty decent experience, as she won a couple of matches before losing to Amanda Anisimova in the third round.

Opting to play in Asia, Badosa signed up for the Thailand Open in Hua Hin and started with a win, even though it was a pretty complicated match that went the distance. Her next match would prove similar, as she struggled against Diana Shnaider.

An injury bothered her as she ultimately retired in the second set, knowing she couldn't win the match. Fans held their breath as they waited for any sort of update from the Spaniard. The last thing she needed after last year's injury woes was another early, just weeks after coming back to tennis.

Luckily for Badosa and her fans, the problem was not serious, certainly not the injury she dealt with. In an update on X (formerly Twitter), Badosa revealed it was just inflammation.

"Good news all in all, I haven't relapsed the injury fortunately. I'm going to work with my team now 24/7 to get the inflammation down as soon as possible so I can compete soon. Thanks for all the messages."

That's very good news because we should expect to see her back pretty soon, likely during the Middle Eastern stretch. We don't know where she'll play as of now, but there is a pretty good chance we see her in Dubai, which runs from February 18th till the 24th.

The Spanish player is based out of Dubai, so it's a homecoming for her, and it may be an important stretch of events in an attempt to regain confidence.


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