Djokovic 'Still Favourite To Win Grand Slams This Year' According To Massu

Djokovic 'Still Favourite To Win Grand Slams This Year' According To Massu

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic's 2024 Australian Open campaign might have ended in disappointment, but he's still the favorite to win a Grand Slam this year, according to former player Nicolas Massu.

Massu knows a thing or two about tennis, having spent many years as a player and also as a coach. Thanks to that, he's been able to follow the sport closely in recent years, and he shared some of his thoughts with Sportklub.

According to the Chilean, Djokovic's Australian Open disappointment was surprising, but in spite of it, the Serbian is still expected to win a Grand Slam this year. After all, he won three of the four Grand Slams last year, and you don't really lose such a high level overnight.

You also don't lose the physical fitness, which the 24-time Grand Slam champion still has among the best on the ATP Tour, so there is basically no reason to doubt him, even though his most recent loss was surprising.

"Novak is still number one in the world, he is still the favorite to win the Grand Slam titles this year. He is extremely physically fit. Last year he achieved something incredible."

Massu on Djokovic to Sportklub

There are things that the Serbian obviously can't control, like other players stepping up, but he's doing everything he can from his side. That should be good enough to give himself a chance, and then we'll see what happens on the courts.

Massu further looked back at 2006 when Djokovic won his first career trophy by beating him in the final of the Amersfoort event.

"I respect Novak a lot and have known him for a long time. I remember that he won his first title against me, in Amersfoort in 2006, and here he is still at the top. I'm sure he can still win Slams."


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