The ATP Finals are Just Around the Corner: Key Facts to Remember

The ATP Finals are Just Around the Corner: Key Facts to Remember

by Zachary Wimer

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The ATP Finals in November will be the climax of this year’s tennis season.

Carlos Alcaraz was the first to qualify after beating Novak Djokovic, who won the championship six times beforehand, the last in 2022.

But in the Cincinnati semifinals, Djokovic defeated Taylor Fritz and qualified for the ATP. It’s his 16th year to participate.

Prepare. For. Drama.

Last year’s event was incredible. And this year could be even better. Here are some key facts that will brush up your memory and make it much more exciting.

Where is the ATP Tournament?

The ATP Finals will happen in Turin, a city in Northern Italy. The town has a rich history with museums, royal palaces, and exuberant culture. It doesn’t matter if you’re a foodie, a history buff, or you want to watch some tennis. This place has something for you.

The event will be from November 12th to November 19th in the Pala Alpitour stadium. It’s the biggest sporting arena in Italy, and the matches will be played on a hard court surface.

How does the Format Work?

The ATP Finals works differently compared to the other tournaments. The top eight men’s players or teams from the annual calendar are eligible. They don’t go for the classic draw of eight. Instead, there are two pools of four players or teams. Everyone plays against everyone. Then, the top two in each pool face off in the semifinals. Lastly, the best players from Pool A play against the best players from Pool B. The cool thing about the format is that you can lose a match and win in the finals. But that’s why the rewards differ.

The complete prize pool is 14.75 million dollars. This championship pays based on match wins instead of the top players getting rewarded. Here’s what that looks like:

â—Ź Winning a round-robin match pays 383,300 dollars for singles and 93,300 dollars for doubles.

â—Ź Winning a semifinal match pays one million dollars for singles and 170,000 dollars for doubles.

â—Ź Winning the finals pays 2.2 million dollars for singles and 350,400 dollars for doubles.

â—Ź Being an undisputed champion (undefeated) pays 4.7 million dollars for singles and 930,300 dollars for doubles.

Streaming the ATP Finals

There’s something about streaming a live tennis event that’s hypnotizing. You get to experience the action on the court like you’re there. Unfortunately, the ATP Finals will be streamed on the Tennis Channel, and if you don’t have a premium subscription, you can’t watch it. The bad news continues for Hulu Live TV people because the channel isn’t included in the lineup.

However, there is some good news. You can watch it if you subscribe to YouTube TV, Sling TV, Vidgo, Fubo, or DirecTV. You may have to include a Sports Plus, Lite, or Extra subscription to access the channel.

If you aren’t subscribed to any of these services, getting the Tennis Channel Plus subscription is the best option.

If you have regular cable, check for Tennis TV and see if they allow you to stream the match online.

Watching the ATP Finals Live

True fans go to Italy and become a part of the crowd. Turin is an incredible city with several hotels near the Pala Alpitour stadium. It will take 15 minutes to get to the stadium from the AC Hotel Torino or DoubleTree.

Budget-friendly options include the Holiday Inn or the Best Western Hotel Luxor. These are almost 2 miles away from the stadium.

Accommodation-wise, you can also turn to Airbnb and check for available apartments. Book your reservations fast because the ATP Finals are around the corner.

A great tip is to use a VPN when purchasing flight tickets and booking stays. The VPN serves as an IP address changer, allowing you to pretend you’re in Italy already and get cheaper tickets.

You can use the metro, bus, or tram if you aren’t within walking distance of the stadium. Your last resort should be a taxi.

Because all the matches will be played on one court, you can watch everything!

Make sure to come early to the tournament because traffic and parking can be difficult. Buy parking tickets beforehand, and be on time. You can bring small bags into the stadium. Security will take all drinks and foods from the outside, including water bottles.

The tournament will feel like a typical experience, apart from you looking at the most remarkable players several feet away from you.

There are a few gift and souvenir shops to get something and remember the experience.

Who will Win?

For now, only Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic are in the singles. If it plays out like the last time they faced each other, the 20-year-old will have the upper hand. But Djokovic has a lifetime of experience and is entering GOAT stats. There’s still time for other players to join in the mix. Who knows, maybe an underdog will shock the tennis world!


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