'You Cannot Pee Whenever You Want': Ruud Details Anti-Doping Struggles

'You Cannot Pee Whenever You Want': Ruud Details Anti-Doping Struggles

by Sebastian Dahlman

Doping has been a big topic this year after a few high-profile cases of bans, which caused players to speak up about it.

Earlier this year, Mikael Ymer retired from tennis after being handed a ban he deemed unjustified. It happened because of very strict doping rules, which many players are familiar with.

Casper Ruud spoke about it back then when it happened, especially since Ymer isn't the only one affected. Jenson Brooksby got another ban from tennis due to similar reasons, which caused even more uproar among fans and tennis players.

Ruud was not the only one who spoke about it, as Holger Rune spoke about his experiences with the anti-doping programme. Ruud spoke about it in the latest episode of his Eurosport Podcast, detailing difficulties that players are facing due to the anti-doping programme, especially when it comes to everyday life.

Maybe it sounds silly but let's say I wake up during the night at like 6:15, I wake up by myself because I have to pee so much. You're kind of thinking oh maybe they [doping control] come up at 7 so maybe I shouldn't go because I want to save it. If I go and empty my bladder at 6:15 maybe I won't get to pee until like 10. You cannot just pee whenever you want.

As silly as the situation sounds, it's certainly less than ideal because you have to think about those things. If you miss two doping tests during a year you're gone, and the agency doesn't really care about being fair or anything like that.

This is why I feel sometimes you live in like under watch or like in prison because you can of course but it's smart not to pee just like right before they might come so it's just a little stressful in some situations.


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