WATCH: New footage of Medvedev's incident with fan that called him 'loser' shows his calmness

WATCH: New footage of Medvedev's incident with fan that called him 'loser' shows his calmness

by Balasz Virag

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After losing to Nick Kyrgios at the 2022 Canadian Open in Montreal, Daniil Medvedev went viral for his interaction with a fan, but a new video shows what he said to him.

Tennis players often interact with their fans after matches, signing autographs and taking pictures. However, not every time are these interactions pleasant, and Medvedev got to experience that at the ATP 1000 tournament in Montreal.

Entering the tournament as the top seed, the Russian had high hopes of making a deep run at the event, however, when he saw the draw, he probably had to withdraw from some of his optimism, as there was a chance that he would meet Nick Kyrgios in the second round of the tournament.

After the Australian defeated Sebastian Baez in the opening round, the matchup became a reality, and in fact, it was a losing effort for Medvedev, who couldn't overcome Kyrgios, losing 7-6(2), 4-6, 2-6.

After the match, the Russian was exiting the stadium, where many tennis fans are waiting, however, what followed was not a pleasant experience for the top seed at the 2022 Canadian Open.

One of the fans shouted "loser" at Medvedev, and after that, the Russian was seen walking up to a fan. However, the initial footage was not able to capture what was being said.

While many took Medvedev's side, some pointed out the troublesome nature of the encounter. The new video now demonstrates how effectively Medvedev handled the situation, never even increasing his tone while asking the fan why he said what he said.

It's been a very professionally handled situation by Medvedev, who only wanted to confront the fan, demanding to know why he has decided to hackle him after the loss. Even more, Medvedev ushered in an immediate classic:

'Por que, you're saying this?"


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