WATCH: Nadal Sensationally Wins Point Despite Falling Mid-Rally At Italian Open In Rome

WATCH: Nadal Sensationally Wins Point Despite Falling Mid-Rally At Italian Open In Rome

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal might not be playing peak tennis, but he's no less of a highlight reel, proving it with a sensationally won point.

The Spaniard faced tough opposition from Ziozu Bergs in his first match at the 2024 Italian Open and it was a really good match to watch. The Belgian was playing a really solid one and was giving Nadal quite a few problems at times.

He was aggressive. He didn't wait for Nadal to use that signature banana forehand to push him around the court; he actually took the match to him. It worked for a while, but then it didn't, as the Spaniard was able to demonstrate just why he's considered the best player on clay ever.

Even at this age and with so many physical problems, Nadal was relentless, especially at this one point that he should have never won. What happened? He fell mid-rally, which makes it almost impossible to win the point most of the time.

At times, things work out for the player who fell, and they win the point, but not quite as stylishly as Nadal did. After doing a spinning 'get up' on his feet, the 37-year-old took the initiative in the point and actually won it.

The crowd was amazed, Nadal was inspired, celebrating the point, and the announcers were baffled as to how he was able to win this one. The point was a pretty important one, and it certainly added to the whole excitement, especially because holding serve in that game was crucial.

If he hadn't, he would have likely fallen behind 0-3 in the third set, and that would be a tough hole to dig himself out of. In the end just a very solid performance from Nadal, who was able to beat his opponent in three sets and give himself another chance to play in Rome.


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