'I Told My Boyfriend: Thank God You Don't Play Tennis': Gauff On Takeaways From Challengers

'I Told My Boyfriend: Thank God You Don't Play Tennis': Gauff On Takeaways From Challengers

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff saw the new tennis film Challengers and gave her opinion on it when speaking at the 2024 Italian Open.

There is a high-profile film making the rounds related to tennis. Tennis is not the main topic of the film, but it's a significant part of it. There aren't many tennis films, so it wasn't surprising that this one made buzz in the tennis community.

There aren't many tennis films, so it's not surprising that this one grabbed a lot of attention. Mega-star Zendaya's role in the film also helped draw in eyeballs, and Gauff saw it as well.

She was asked about it in Rome and gave her opinion, admitting that she doesn't relate to Zendaya's character, at least not with her off-court life.

"I thought it was a great movie. I enjoyed the romance and the thruffle situation, the very unique characters. I thought the tennis was done pretty well. Was it 100% perfect? No. But that's every sporting movie. I don't know any thruffles going on on tour (laughter). There probably are some, but I'm not in it."

"I'm not Tashi Duncan [sic]. I don't know any Tashi Duncans [sic]. I did relate to her mentality on the court, not everything going on off the court. I did relate to that of just, like, that."

Another thing that Gauff related to, but in a joking fashion, was the main character's unwillingness to date somebody who is not a good tennis player, which she communicated to her boyfriend, who isn't a tennis player.

"Also there's a part of the movie, I told my boyfriend, Thank God you don't play tennis, because she's right, I would not want to date a scrub on tour (laughter). That's the only relatable part I have about Tashi, otherwise she's not a nice character to how she treated her husband."


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