'Tennis Never Goes Out Of Style': Venus Williams On Tennis' Appeal Rise After Movie 'Challengers'

'Tennis Never Goes Out Of Style': Venus Williams On Tennis' Appeal Rise After Movie 'Challengers'

by Zachary Wimer

Venus Williams loves the recent growing interest in tennis, which is also related to the recently released movie Challengers.

The legendary American loves tennis—she really loves tennis. That's why she's still trying to play at her age, which for most players is retirement age. She's been in the sport longer than almost any of her competitors, and it's remarkable to still see her battling it out on the WTA Tour.

She might not have been at her peak in recent years, but her ability to go out there and play the way she played during the grass season last year is truly amazing. As a tennis legend, Williams loves to see the interest in the sport growing.

These days, it's because of the film Challengers, which debuted not too long ago. The film has tennis as part of its plot. Globally popular actress Zendaya is the central figure of the film, which ensured a lot of people would tune in.

For Venus Williams, the film is interesting in various ways. Obviously, there is tennis, but there is also the fashion angle, which has been her passion for a very long time.

Zendaya is known as a fashion icon, and she wore tennis-inspired outfits at premiers around the world. Williams, who admitted that tennis never goes out of style, was happy to see tennis clothing trending again, as, according to her, the sport never goes out of style.

"Tennis never goes out of style—it’s always trending! I’ve always loved seeing people embracing tennis-core and incorporating it into everyday style in their own unique way. Tennis has long been at the intersection of sports and fashion."

Williams to Harper's Bazaar on the Challengers

In her tennis career, Venus has always brought tennis and fashion together, and the recent surge in the interest in tennis clothing can be credited also to her.


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