WATCH: "Are you kidding me?" - Rune complains about Norrie's serving

WATCH: "Are you kidding me?" - Rune complains about Norrie's serving

by Sebastian Dahlman

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In the third round of the 2022 US Open, Holger Rune took on the seventh-seeded Cameron Norrie.

The British no. 1 is showing very good tennis in 2022 and he proved it also at the Wimbledon when he reached semifinals. Norrie will try to do the same also at the US Open, when he already reached the fourth round after defeating Rune in three sets.

However, the match featured a little bit of controversy when the young Dane didn't like the way his opponent was approaching the serve. According to Rune, when serving, Norrie was purposefully waiting until the clock runs to 0, what isn't illegal as long as the player serves before the clock hits 0.

"Are you kidding me?" Rune shouted. "Just before the time runs out, he serves, every time. You really think he's not doing it on purpose?"

After the match, British player commented the whole situation, stating: "No, I was not doing it on purpose," Norrie said. "I think it's even better for him. I'm struggling with a ball toss a couple of times, and I think - I didn't hear what he said - but I think it was the fact that if I throw the ball toss up, the ref was maybe stopping the clock, the time clock."

"I don't know. I think it can be annoying to return, but wasn't too bad. It was a couple times, and I would say even better for him. I was not doing it on purpose. He said something once, and it was no more, so I wasn't too worried. It was a couple times I did it. But, yeah, no biggie."


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