WATCH: Alcaraz Laughs Off Fan Calling Him 'Piece of Sh*t' After Autograph Snub

WATCH: Alcaraz Laughs Off Fan Calling Him 'Piece of Sh*t' After Autograph Snub

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz arrived in Rome for the 2023 Italian Open and he was greeted nicely, except for a few exceptions.

Life of a professional athlete is not easy and that's because of many reasons. One of them is certainly the never-stopping grind, practice, and working out, but another one is constantly being in the spotlight.

Many have experience with that, but when you're a 20-year-old prodigy who is expected to transcend the game and break all the records by many, you're not just in the spotlight, you are a superstar. And Carlos Alcaraz certainly is the superstar, or at least in the ATP world.

Recently, the young Spaniard met Lionel Messi and it was obvious that in that moment, he certainly wasn't feeling like a superstar, but more like an admirer and a fan. However, when Alcaraz arrived in Rome for the 2023 Italian Open, he surely felt like a proper rockstar.

Fans lined up everywhere he moved, asking for pictures and autographs. Yet, it's impossible to sign every ball and take picture with every fan waiting for one, and the Spaniard knows it, even though some fans don't realize it.

Only recently, Alcaraz was harassed by a group of fans who demanded a selfie and it seems that nothing changed since then as some fans just can't understand the fact that tennis players and athletes, unfortunately, can't please everyone.

One of those moments also happened at the 2023 Italian Open in Rome when the 20-year-old was entering the complex as he went to practice at Foro Italico for the first time ever since he's set to make his Rome debut this year.

On his way to the practice court, Alcaraz took a few pictures with some of the fans and also signed some autographs, but obviously, he couldn't make everyone happy and he surely made one of the fans unhappy, even angry.

As the Spaniard was walking through the masses of fans, one of them didn't get an autograph that he wanted as he shouted 'pezzo di me*da', translating to 'piece of sh*t' at Alcaraz. The world no. 2 obviously understands Italian, and he couldn't help but laugh at what happened.

This incident once again serves as an important reminder to always treat athletes nicely and approach them as normal people who have their own duties and their day lasts also only 24 hours like ours. Although Alcaraz dealt with this situation with a smile on his face, comments from fans don't always have to be welcome, as Amanda Anisimova recently shared.


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