Tsitsipas Reveals Dad Is Back As Coach After 'Off-Tune' Philippoussis Partnership

Tsitsipas Reveals Dad Is Back As Coach After 'Off-Tune' Philippoussis Partnership

by Sebastian Dahlman

Stefanos Tsitsipas updated tennis fans about his coaching situation, which now has his father back in control while Mark Philipoussis is out.

Stefanos Tsitsipas has had a lot of coaching turnover this year due to having a not-so-successful year in terms of results. He split with Mark Philippoussis only to get back with him a bit later. He then appointed him as sole coach, giving his father some 'off time' but it didn't go so well as Tsitsipas played some of his weakest tennis in years during that time period.

He's now back with his father, revealing that in a talk with ATP ahead of the Shanghai Masters. According to Tsitsipas, his father was never going to be too far away because he's just someone who can't be excluded from his tennis journey.

My dad has always been next to me. Even when he was not there and people see him, he was always there digitally. He's here to stay. I have no intention of ever changing my dad or pushing him away. People are always going to try and create rumours or try to destroy what you have with someone that is really close to you in any way or form. He is someone that cannot be excluded.

Quite a few tennis people suggested that Tsitsipas should explore other options, noting the somewhat unhealthy-looking dynamic between his team and his parents. He gave it a try, explaining that he wanted to see how it went, but it didn't go that well because he couldn't get on the same page with what Philipoussis was trying to implement.

Mark Philippoussis is not part of the team anymore. I wanted to try with a coach and wanted to see how that might work. It was a little bit off tune in many ways. Not having the presence of my dad there felt like I was sort of losing a part of my identity as a player.

I wasn't able to just adjust to the new form or way or teachings or method that were applied by Mark who I admired and liked watching a lot on TV when I way younger.


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