Tsitsipas Admits To 'Putting Discipline Aside' During Unsuccessful Period

Tsitsipas Admits To 'Putting Discipline Aside' During Unsuccessful Period

by Evita Mueller

Stefanos Tsitsipas didn't have the best of seasons this year, especially in recent months, and he admitted to making some mistakes.

Tsitsipas has been a relatively open player when he does speak his mind. It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but he's not a player who will shy away from speaking his mind, and that's what happened recently in Antwerp at the European Open.

Asked about his final few months, which saw him really struggle and play bad tennis outside of the Los Cabos run in Mexico, Tsitsipas admitted that he made some mistakes, relying too much on what he knew instead of remaining disciplined, which is what he built his career upon.

These last three, four months, I haven’t managed to gain many points, I admit. I relied a little too much on what I had learned. I thought I could also succeed by putting discipline aside a little, and focusing a little more on my talent.

Tsitsipas on his struggles

But that’s not how it works. Deep down, I feel like I want to turn things around with a good end to the season. I’m very hungry as I start this last indoor tour. I have never trained so much in my entire career.

The stay in Belgium has been pretty good so far as he won two matches with his brother in doubles, making his way to the semi-final. That should help him in the singles as well, especially when it comes to confidence, which hasn't been that great lately.

Indoor season is pretty important for Tsitispas to finish the year on a high note, especially since he's been so good in it before. Don't forget, Tsitsipas won the ATP Finals in London a few years ago, but he couldn't replicate the success since the event moved to Turin.


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