'This Is A Team Event': Shelton Not Planning To Do Viral Celebration At Laver Cup

'This Is A Team Event': Shelton Not Planning To Do Viral Celebration At Laver Cup

by Evita Mueller

Ben Shelton created a new phenomenon in tennis with his viral celebration, but he doesn't plan on bringing it to the Laver Cup.

Shelton did a lot of winning at the US Open recently, showcasing a new celebration. It quickly became a phenomenon as we saw multiple players copy it, including Novak Djokovic, who pulled it out against Shelton in the semi-final after beating him.

That created a lot of drama, with some assuming that he did it to mock Shelton, an opinion Shelton's father shares. Djokovic, however, played down the celebration after the match, knowing that it would become a talking point on social media.

That's all behind us, but with Shelton in action at the Laver Cup, many wondered whether the American would bring the celebration back. He won't, explaining that the Laver Cup is a team event and any celebration that might happen will come together with his teammates.

I guess my one celebration kind of went viral at the US Open, but I don't think normally in tournaments that I play I'm one who has a signature celebration.

I think this is a team event, so if there is any celebrating that I'm going to be doing, it's with the guys who are going to be on the bench next to me or cheering for me," he said. "So that's kind of what I'm looking forward to the most.

Considering that half the team consists of US players, there is a very good chance that we do see something creative from the guys. Shelton will open the Laver Cup for Team World by taking on French rising star Arthur Fils in the first match on Friday.

We'll see how he does, but the fans will be excited to see his exciting style of play in action. It's an indoors event, and he was amazing indoors last year on the ATP Challenger Tour.


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