'None Of Them Played At Level Novak Is Now': Murray Compares Federer & Nadal To Djokovic

'None Of Them Played At Level Novak Is Now': Murray Compares Federer & Nadal To Djokovic

by Evita Mueller

Andy Murray talked about the Big Three at the Zhuhai Championships and shared his thoughts on the legends.

Andy Murray is often left out of the conversation when talking about some of the greatest tennis players of all time, but the Brit absolutely deserves to be there. He spent most of his tennis life battling three of the greatest players ever seen and still carved out an impressive resume.

Very few players know the Big Three as well as he does because he played them weekly and won far more often than most people remember. That's the most impressive part of his legacy, not the resume itself but the resume when put in the context of the era he played in.

Murray recently made a return in Zhuhai starting off with a win, and after his match, the Brit spoke a bit about the Big Three and how impressive Djokovic really is.

I think what he achieved at the US Open, and also for the whole of this year, is incredible. To still be doing what he is physically at 36 is very impressive. The motivation and the drive to keep winning and keep performing at that level, it's brilliant.

Murray on Djokovic

To see what Djookvic has been doing at a similar age to him is quite inspirational. The Serbian's body is not as banged up as that of Murray, but the competitive drive is very similar. Djokovic's longevity is very fascinating to Murray because we're not seeing it with the rest of the Big Three.

I think of all of those guys, Roger (Federer), Rafa (Nadal), they have all had long careers, but certainly none of them, I don't think, have played at the level that Novak is just now at this stage of their careers so consistently.


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