'Djokovic Wants To Be On Top Of the World' According To Mouratoglou

'Djokovic Wants To Be On Top Of the World' According To Mouratoglou

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic is one motivated individual, and according to tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou, the Serbian wants to be on top of the world.

Patrick Mouratoglou knows tennis, and he knows Djokovic, having been honoured by the Serbian's presence at his Academy more than once. The French coach talked about Djokovic in his most recent media appearance, noting his unwavering hunger.

It's the centerpiece of his tremendous tennis career, which looks like the best ever after he lifted the 24th Grand Slam trophy of his career at the US Open recently. The desire to do well just pushes Djokovic to try his best in anything he does.

He [Djokovic] wants to be the one on top of the world, on top of everyone. He wants to be the best. That’s what drove him. The fact that he’s now obviously the best with 24 titles, will not change it because he has competitors.

For much of his career, Djokovic was in the shadow of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Their success pushed him to do more in order to catch up with them but nowadays he's the hunted. Doesn't matter as he's still pushing in order not to be caught.

He has Carlos Alcaraz who’s pushing him a lot, Medvedev who’s pushing him a lot, and maybe tomorrow others that are going to push him a lot and he still wants to be on top of the world. It's not something that he can accept to lose. So he’s going to fight for that.

A few days ago, Rafael Nadal said that Djokovic is consumed by the idea of being the best far more than he is, and Mouratoglou agrees that he's fuelled by the wish to be the best. Why not? If you could be the best at something, wouldn't you try to do it?

He wants to make history. He wants to be the best undoubtedly of all time. And if he can make a record that will stay forever, that will never ever be beaten in the history, it’s enough to give him the utmost motivation and he has it.


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