'Tennis Is Very Boring': Bublik Explains Decision To Let Ballkid Play During Match

'Tennis Is Very Boring': Bublik Explains Decision To Let Ballkid Play During Match

by Zachary Wimer

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Alexander Bublik has a well-documented rocky history with tennis, and he called the sport 'boring' while explaining a recent situation that happened during one of his matches.

The Kazakhstani player often tries to spice things up with his various trick shots or even bizarre moves, which puzzle everyone involved. One such thing happened at the Monte-Carlo Masters, where Bublik handed his racquet to a ball kid in the middle of an official match.

These things have been seen before, but mostly in exhibition matches, which have a loose character. We haven't really seen this in an official match, but Bublik did it.

He spoke about that his decision to hand his racket to the ballkid recently on the Tennis Channel desk with Prakash Amritraj during the 2024 Madrid Open.

"I always thought tennis is very boring and I think, imagine you paid the tickets, you go on Sunday instead of being with your family, drinking wine, you go see Sasha Bublik against Coric and it’s like, 32 minutes, 6-1, 2-1. I’d be like, ‘Ok, do something, please! I paid 15,000 to watch you courtside!’"

It was quite a moment, to be completely fair, as many people were in shock when it happened. Bublik's personality on the court and his attitude toward tennis stem from his laid-back attitude in life.

He doesn't consider tennis the most important thing in life as for him it's just enjoying what he does. Being happy in life takes priority, and the rest comes second.

"With me, you never know what’s going to happen. I won’t be sitting here, telling you, crushing my chest and saying I’ll be Top 10 in two weeks, that I’m the best in the world. Not to be sarcastic here, but the most important thing is to be happy and enjoy what I do."

"The ranking will come up. If I’m destined to be in the Top 10, I will be one day. If not, it doesn’t really matter for me; I have other things to do. You never know, I can be No. 72 this time next year!"


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