Nadal Confesses He's Yet To Make French Open Decision Despite Positive Madrid Showing

Nadal Confesses He's Yet To Make French Open Decision Despite Positive Madrid Showing

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal has not yet decided whether to participate in the 2024 Roland Garros despite a positive showing at the Madrid Open.

The Spaniard has been quite reserved in the way he approaches his career recently. He doesn't make grand statements or any bold predictions, which surprised many. He was so reserved that he didn't even want to confirm that he would play at the Roland Garros.

Missing that event is something most fans wouldn't be able to comprehend, but Nadal remains adamant that the decision on whether to play or not hasn't been made yet. Even after winning a few matches in Madrid, Nadal said that the decision has not been made yet.

"I’m still not sure about Roland Garros. I was able to play four matches here. I leave Madrid with a much better feeling compared to when I arrived. It’s tough to imagine doing big things with the level I’m playing, but in sports all change very fast”."

Not all is terrible, though, as Nadal admitted to feeling better than when he came to Madrid. That's a positive development and it's all about these small things for Nadal right now.

He's very careful in his comeback, not wanting to exert himself too much or fly too high to burn himself on expectations. He's taking it day by day, and it will continue in Rome as he confirmed his plans to play there.

The hope is similar to what it was like in Madrid: play some matches, hopefully win a few of them, and leave the ATP Masters 1000 event feeling really good.

"I’m going to Rome hoping to get better. After Rome I will decide about Roland Garros."

The decision about playing at the Grand Slam in Paris will come after that event, as it will give Nadal more insight into where he currently stands.


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