'Take That Money Away From McEnroe': Agassi Jokes Of $1 Million Prize In Pickleball Slam 2

'Take That Money Away From McEnroe': Agassi Jokes Of $1 Million Prize In Pickleball Slam 2

by Nurein Ahmed

Andre Agassi was thankful that his tennis career had helped shape him into the person he is today, but he jokingly also mentioned it provided him a platform to "take money away" from John McEnroe.

Through tennis Agassi has endeared himself to many people both on and off the court through his charming personality and outgoing character. He also met his wife, the legendary WTA player Steffi Graf, whom he tied the knot with over two decades ago.

Andre Agassi is considered among the greatest tennis players in history, winning eight Grand Slams and an Olympic gold medal during a glittering 20-year playing career. Speaking on the Pat MacAfee Show, the American reflected on his retirement with pride and dignity.

But he quickly changed the tune when he cracked the joke that because of his tennis career, he's now become a pickleball enthusiast and is now looking to "take money away" from John McEnroe. For context, the two tennis legends are set to square off in the second edition of the Pickleball Slam next year.

"I'm more grateful for the game, it's given me a platform to change so many lives. It's given me a platform to meet my wife, my children, my family, I mean, it’s given me the chance to freakin' play pickleball and get paid to do it and take that money away from John McEnroe at the same time."

"So you're saying I can't lose, and you're saying whoever I play with (as coach), we're still going to beat John. I'm into this, okay yeah."

Pickleball Slam 2 is going to be as lucrative as the first one which was a massive success. The prize money purse stands at $1 million for the winning team, which will feature a doubles collision.

McEnroe is set to team up with former WTA No. 1 Maria Sharapova and will face the take of Agassi and his wife Steffi Graf. The event will be held on February 4, 2024, and the grand stage will be the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Florida, USA.


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