Sinner Reveals He's Yet To See His Family After Australian Open Win

Sinner Reveals He's Yet To See His Family After Australian Open Win

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner has had a very busy schedule in recent weeks, revealing that he's yet to see his family following his Australian Open win.

The Australian Open finished two weeks ago, but it's been a very busy time for Sinner since then. He first had media obligations Down Under, and then after touching down in Italy, Sinner was invited to meet several people.

After all, he might as well be the best tennis player from the country ever, and his win at the Australian Open was a huge deal. One thing that he wasn't able to do in the meantime was to see his family, who don't travel to events as much.

He admitted ahead of his Australian Open final that his family won't travel to see him and rarely does travel to watch his matches. They generally meet up back at home, but he wasn't able to get it done this time because it's a very busy time for him, with the Rotterdam Open approaching quickly as well.

"I haven't been able to see my family, I hope to do so after Rotterdam. After winning in Australia, I flew to Rome. I was there two days and took only two days of vacation. That's all."

Sinner on his post-Melbourne schedule

"Even in Rome, I was working in the gym to maintain my physical condition from Melbourne in order to be ready for Rotterdam."

It's unfortunate for Sinner not to have spent any time with his family, but he'll have a decent amount of time with them after Rotterdam. It's expected that he won't play anything until the Indian Wells Open after Rotterdam, so that should give him plenty of time to relax back home with his family.

It will do him good to enjoy some stress-free time after this very busy start to this year.


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