Ruud Surprises With Unusual Wimbledon Preparation

Ruud Surprises With Unusual Wimbledon Preparation

by Kadir Macar

Casper Ruud isn't a fan of playing on grass and the Norwegian isn't really actively preparing for Wimbledon either.

Ruud enjoys playing sports on grass yet tennis is not one of those as he prefers to play golf. There is a funny meme about his lacklustre 'enthusiasm' for playing tennis on grass. He was asked last year at the Miami Open about his Wimbledon preparations. His response? Simply saying that he'll play golf while underlining that grass is for golf and not tennis.

But that's only a matter of preference. The reverse is true for Nick Kyrgios who passionately hates clay, the favourite surface of Casper Ruud. The players are not really friends so their disagreement on surfaces isn't a surprise. There is probably very little that they would agree on.

In any case, Ruud doesn't particularly like playing on grass. He's not shy about it and doesn't try to hide it either. His record on the surface only further confirms that. He played 8 matches so far and won only 3 of them. Grass is tricky, you need to play on it to get better and Ruud doesn't seem interested in that.

This year, Ruud had a really unconventional preparation for Wimbledon. In line with his 'preferred' prep method explained last year, Ruud experienced some grass by playing golf. Then he went to a shooting range, trying himself out in that discipline. He also went to The Weekend's concert twice with another possible trip on the horizon.

He hasn't been really spotted on a tennis court, let alone a grass one and he won't play any prep events either. Ruud was supposed to take part in the Halle Open but he withdrew before the event with no reason given. Perhaps it was fatigue after Roland Garros, perhaps it was just him electing to skip it.


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