Ruud Or Thompson Set To Play Three Consecutive Matches In One Day In Los Cabos

Ruud Or Thompson Set To Play Three Consecutive Matches In One Day In Los Cabos

by Zachary Wimer

A bizarre situation unfolded at the 2024 Los Cabos Open, where one of the two singles finalists will have to play three matches in one day.

Scheduling can be weird sometimes because every now and then things simply don't work out the way the organizers want them to. That's what happened at the Los Cabos Open recently, where the organizers had to make some tough decisions.

First of all, Casper Ruud beat Stefanos Tsitsipas in the first singles semi-finals. Soon after that, Jordan Thompson beat Alexander Zverev in the second semi-final.

That match lasted well over three hours, and it finished after midnight, leaving the organizers with a tough call. Both Casper Ruud and Jordan Thompson had a doubles semi-final to play against each other, with the Australian teaming up with Max Purcell and the Norwegian joining William Blumberg.

Due to the match finishing past midnight, the organizers ultimately abandoned plans to allow the players to rest up for the final, which was set to be played the day after. That means that the singles final will be played as the first match on Saturday.

After that match, the doubles semi-final will be played, with the doubles final set to be played later in the day, which means that either Thompson or Ruud will play three matches in one day.

Two of those will be doubles matches because they're not on the same team, so regardless of how the match goes, one of them will stand in the doubles final, making it three matches in one day.

The losing player in the doubles semi-final will remain on two matches: the singles final and the doubles semi-final, but the winner will have to play the doubles final as well.

It's only because the singles matches on Friday extended for so long. Also, it's possibly because both players asked for it so they can prepare for the singles final which is likely the more important match for both players.


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