Ruud Opens Up About How Losing Weight Helped Him On Tennis Court

Ruud Opens Up About How Losing Weight Helped Him On Tennis Court

by Zachary Wimer

Casper Ruud is lighter this year, literally, and he explained how it helped his tennis, especially his movement, as he feels it's better.

No Formula One driver is generally very bulky, and that's because weight is an important factor in the sport. Weight doesn't have that much of an impact on tennis, but Ruud certainly noticed a change in his game after he slimmed down this year.

Last year was a rather big anomaly for the Norwegian, as he generally played quite a bit below his usual level. It had nothing to do with his weight because he's always been quite slim.

He did, however, notice himself being lighter on his feet after dropping some weight compared to last year. Speaking about it at the Indian Wells Open, Ruud admitted that it doesn't sound like much, but he certainly feels it when playing.

"Last year in February I was around 84 kilos and this year I'm 80, so it's 4 kilos less. Maybe doesn't sound too much, but it's 5% of my weight, which is something or at least something. I think physically I'm feeling a little bit better this year, and moving better out on court."

"I said it quite honestly or honest and openly a couple of weeks ago that I slimmed down a little bit, I took off a couple of kilos from last year. I think that's been working well for me. I have the power still in my shots, and I'm moving a little lighter on my feet."

His results certainly back that up. He's 16-4 so far this year, and he has a chance to progress further after overcoming even Gael Monfils. Up next for him will be the winner of the match between Tommy Paul and Luca Nardi, who stunned Novak Djokovic at the event.


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