Rune Hits Back At Reporter Questioning His Medical Time Out

Rune Hits Back At Reporter Questioning His Medical Time Out

by Evita Mueller

Holger Rune saw himself in another minor controversy at the 2023 Cinch Championships which created a chilly exchange with a reporter after the match.

Holger Rune is a very good tennis player yet his name is also never quite far from a controversy. It's not something he pays much attention to believing that the media is misrepresenting him as the bad boy of tennis.

He's had a few controversies already this year, one of which was pretty similar to this one. Back in Rome Rune took a medical timeout before Casper Ruud was about to serve. The Norwegian ultimately would lose focus and lose the match alleging after the match that the MTO helped Rune a lot.

The Dane himself dismissed those allegations but a medical timeout at the Queen's Club against Lorenzo Musetti looked eerily similar to that situation. A reporter asked Rune about it phrasing it deliberately as if Rune 'faked' his injury.

How about your injuries? Because you called the medical timeout in the first set, even if you didn't seem injured before and obviously even after.

Reporter's question to Rune

The Dane was stunned by the question simply replying Sorry. The reporter had no problems repeating the question with You didn't seem injured before the MTO and even after? This time around Rune responded to the question and he didn't hold back telling the reporter that he shouldn't assume to know what is happening with his body. The problem Rune had was with his wrist, something that bothered him earlier this year.

Yeah, but I didn't put a serve in the start of the match because I felt my wrist. So I don't know what you see, but that's how I felt. I mean, if you're in my body, you can say something like that. But if you're not, you shouldn't say something like that.

It wasn't the only chilly thing about the match. The stare Rune gave Musetti after an overhead by the Italian wasn't particularly warm either.


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