Rune Dismisses Gamesmanship Allegations After 'Tactical Medical Timeout'

Rune Dismisses Gamesmanship Allegations After 'Tactical Medical Timeout'

by Kadir Macar

Holger Rune was on the ropes against Casper Ruud at the Italian Open but he came back to win the match in three sets.

It was a very interesting match in Rome between Rune and Ruud and it didn't disappoint. We saw great tennis and we also saw quite a bit of drama. Rune was down 2-4 in the second set with Ruud very close to a victory but a medical timeout by Rune completely ruined his momentum.

Ruud talked about it after the match admitting that the medical timeout certainly helped Rune a lot. The Dane went on to win the set 6-4 and then close out the match with an impressive 3rd set. It was the first time Rune beat Ruud and it meant a lot to him. The medical timeout gamesmanship narrative was completely dismissed after the match as he was asked if it was tactical.

Yeah, I take a medical timeout when I have a problem and when I feel pain. I mean, I do it sometimes because I feel the pain. That's it. I want to get the treatment, that's it. I don't know how to answer that.

Medical timeouts have been used by many players to shift the momentum of matches in the past. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, however, Rune was adamant that his medical timeout was due to a problem and not to change the momentum. He explained his decision to use one by simply pointing out that it's allowed.

I think it's allowed. If you feel the pain, why not? I mean, there's ATP physio. You have the opportunity to use him. I know there's certain moments in matches where you probably shouldn't take a medical timeout, where I don't take a medical timeout. I take it when it's in the beginning of the set or somewhere. Mostly when I have a problem.

Ruud wasn't a fan and he actually proposed a rule change during his press conference. He wants to see the ATP implement a rule that doesn't allow players to take a medical timeout before the serve of their opponents. What do you think of that proposal? Let us know below.

Should players be allowed to take a MTO before the opponents serve?


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