Rune Breaks Silence On Becker Departure And Explains His Frequent Coaching Splits

Rune Breaks Silence On Becker Departure And Explains His Frequent Coaching Splits

by Zachary Wimer

Holger Rune has broken his silence on the news that Boris Becker is leaving his team, just days after Severin Luthi did the same.

Rune hoped this 2024 season would be much better than the one in 2023. He started really well last year but cooled off quite a bit in the second half of the year. Boris Becker would then join his team and strengthen Rune's play, who finished on a pretty decent note.

This year started with a couple of big news as Roger Federer's former coach, Severin Luthi, joined Rune's team as well. That was an incredible team the Dane built, but it all came crashing down within weeks.

Luthi first left his team, and now, not long after that, Becker announced that he was stepping down as well. Both named the traveling as one of the reasons why they left.

Now, Rune finally broke his silence on the matter, talking about coaching in general, and how he plans to approach the situation moving forward.

"As you know, I have tried many coaching constellations over the past 12 months. It has not been easy to find the perfect match in the first attempt because I have worked with the same coach for 15 years my entire tennis life."

"I have learned a lot and found out what is important for me to feel good and at the same time develop. I have big ambitions and big goals, and I need people around me who have the same visions and who I can trust to achieve my goals."

The young Dane needs to figure out what is the best coaching setup for him, but despite working with Becker and Luthi only for a short period of time, Rune was thankful to them for their contributions.

"I need people who know me who can be there all the time. That gives me peace and joy in a world that changes every single week. - I would like to thank all the people who have been involved in the process. Lars (Christensen, ed.), Boris (Becker, ed.) and Severin (Lüthi, ed.) I love you and I'll be looking forward to telling you more about my final trainer setup very soon."


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