Roger Federer rumored to join BBC's Wimbledon coverage team

Roger Federer rumored to join BBC's Wimbledon coverage team

by Evita Mueller

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The 2023 Wimbledon may not be without Roger Federer as he could be on-site covering the event for BBC.

Federer has hinted at moving to a broadcasting role in the future in the past, but it finally seems to happen. He is reportedly in talks to join the Wimbledon coverage as part of the BBC team that won't feature Boris Becker due to his United Kingdom entry ban.

The 2023 edition of Wimbledon will feature a very different team, as the legendary Sue Barker won't be part of it. Neither will Becker, and they were part of it for many years.

Federer would bring a lot of fan interest, and who better to do so than one of the best-performing players ever at the event.

This shift in Federer's career trajectory isn't entirely surprising. The Swiss Maestro, known for his foresight both on and off the court, has a lot to offer to tennis fans, and they would certainly appreciate seeing him near a tennis court again.

However, the rumours that he might be taking on this new role at Wimbledon is a narrative that writes itself. Federer's presence at the All England Club, albeit in a different capacity, is like a familiar sonnet to the ears of tennis enthusiasts.

Federer's potential inclusion in the BBC team isn't just a win for the broadcaster; it's a boon for tennis fans globally. His understanding of the game, combined with his experiences on the very grass of Wimbledon, offers a perspective that is both unique and deeply personal.

His ability to articulate the nuances of play, dissect strategies, and perhaps offer glimpses into the psyche of players on the court will enrich the viewing experience immeasurably. And if the former world no. 1 doesn't join the team this year, it's very probable that one day it will happen.


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