Feud Between Medvedev & Zverev 'Hilarious' Says Stubbs & Backs the Russian

Feud Between Medvedev & Zverev 'Hilarious' Says Stubbs & Backs the Russian

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev had a bit of a battle in Monte-Carlo clashing both on the court and off the court with Rennae Stubbs finding it all hilarious.

Medvedev and Zverev clashed after the Russian won in their meeting at the Monte-Carlo Masters. It was a close one that Zverev could have and probably should have won considering that he was serving for the match multiple times.

After the match, Zverev launched an attack on Medvedev calling him a very unfair player which former player and coach of Serena Williams found hilarious since she herself considers Medvedev one of the fairest guys on a tennis court as she revealed on her Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast.

I don’t mind the "chippy-ness" but you know, be a little bit more self-aware. Like Zverev, to b*tch about Medvedev – I find Medvedev to be one of the more sporting guys on tour. He carries on like a bit of an idiot when he is b*tching about the hard court not being a hard court. Maybe he is trying to get in the head of his opponent that way, but as far as his playing, the guy just plays.

Stubbs further talked about Zverev losing the match when he had a perfectly good chance of winning the match. Overall, the whole was just very funny for Stubbs to observe especially considering Zverev has a long history of questionable actions on the court and off the court.

It was so funny that Zverev had his comments about that. It’s like, dude just admit it – you lost. You choked, ok? It’s the bottom line. Medvedev, to come into the press conference the next day and be like, ‘Hold on a second. Let’s go through the litany of sh*t that Zverev has done.’ I just think it’s hilarious, and I’m here for it.


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