Raonic Avoids Final Retirement Question After Toronto Exit

Raonic Avoids Final Retirement Question After Toronto Exit

by Evita Mueller

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Milos Raonic is out of the Canadian Open as he was beaten by Mackenzie McDonald, but he's not committing to retiring yet.

Raonic was basically out of the sport for a very long time with many assuming that he was never going to come back. Injuries and his body not being able to handle the tough nature of the sport practically retired him even without a big announcement.

That changed this year when he made a surprise comeback on the grass. It was a pretty decent showing overall but also a reminder that his body can't really handle regular tennis with a withdrawal leading up to Wimbledon.

As a former Grand Slam finalist, it was tough for him to accept not being to play on the level he played before but over time, he kind of got used to it. He even admitted that he didn't enjoy everything about his comeback to tennis.

Either way, his next event after Wimbledon was the Canadian Open in Toronto. He grew up around there, and part of his motivation for coming back was the chance to play there once more. He did and he played well beating a Top 10 player in Frances Tiafoe adding another win after that one.

It was an emotional return in front of his parents with a packed stadium and it felt good. After a long time, tennis felt good. Speaking after his loss to McDonald, Raonic avoided talk about retirement admitting that he doesn't know whether the match was his final one in Toronto. The next edition is in 2025, and he simply doesn't know.

It's a long ways away. That's kind of the idea has always been behind that. I tried to enjoy each aspect of it as much as I could. And I don't know. You know, two years away is a long time. I've been gone away for two years. You get a sense of how much -- how many things can change in that period of time.

So it's a long ways away. And, you know, I probably won't even know that answer in 12 months or anything. So I've just got to keep looking forward and keep it short-term.


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