'Players Deserve To Be Paid Well And Play Less' According To Bublik

'Players Deserve To Be Paid Well And Play Less' According To Bublik

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Bublik wants to see players be paid more because they deserve it, and he also wants them to play less and be paid more.

We've seen talks about pay inequality rise up more and more in recent years because it's quite obvious that men earn more than women in tennis, as data back it up. It's not even comparable and yet there are arguments for what that might be.

In the midst of the prize money debate, Bublik would want to see players earn more overall. The Kazkstahni player famously once said that he hates tennis and only plays for money, but he has since changed his opinion.

All that said, Bublik proved himself quite a good player in recent years. He just recently won his fourth career trophy in Montpellier. That came with a prize cheque, but Bublik wouldn't have minded a bigger one.

In fact, he told Tennis Majors that he wants to see players play less and earn more for their efforts on the tennis court.

"I’m for changes, and I want I want the changes to come because we are playing the same tournaments, the same prize money for the past 15 years."

"They are increasing the prize money for two percent and they think we need to get that and be happy. So I think the changes are crucial. We need them, and players need them."

We haven't seen many of these calls from the ATP players in recent years. They're mostly coming from the WTA players, where players want to be paid the same amount for essentially doing the same thing as their male counterparts.

However, Bublik made a call, where he demanded more money for all players. He would give everyone an increase to keep up with the sport's growth. We'll see whether his wishes come true, but with the involvement of Saudi Arabia, that may become true. Unfortunately for him, many are against that move.


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