Stephens Reveals She Had 'Crazy Beef' With Azarenka 'For Long Time'

Stephens Reveals She Had 'Crazy Beef' With Azarenka 'For Long Time'

by Zachary Wimer

Sloane Stephens had a long-time beef with Victoria Azarenka, which she talked about recently as she reflected on her past Australian Open campaigns.

The American has had an interesting career, with one of the biggest matches of her career happening in 2013 at the Australian Open. It was a semi-final against Victoria Azarenka, which the Belarusian ended up winning.

The match started a long-time beef, and even Azarenka recently said that it took her ten years to get over what happened in that match. The American looked back on that match for the Australian Open media team.

The American was shown highlights of her 2013 journey, to which she provided perspective. One thing she noted about that match against Azarenka was that she wasn't on good terms with the Belarusian.

"Oh, this match was a situation. Was a total situation. We had crazy beef for like a long time, like a long time. Since resolved."

Stephens looks back on semi-final against Azarenka

Looking back at how their relationship started, it seems pretty crazy that they would end up having an icy relationship, and for a long time too, but that's what happened, and according to Stephens, was resolved since.

They're both WTA veterans these days, so as Stephens said, there isn't any beef present anymore, which is good.

"Like, what's so crazy is that the first-ever professional player that like gave me a chance and an opportunity to hit with them was Vika. I was like 15, and they had come up to Saddlebrook, and I practiced with her for two days, and it was like the best experience ever."

It was still an interesting look back at the event that Azarenka ended up winning. The two may soon meet again, as they will both compete at the 2024 ATX Open in Austin.


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