'Not Even Federer': Alcaraz's Personality On Court Brings Something 'We've Never Had Before'

'Not Even Federer': Alcaraz's Personality On Court Brings Something 'We've Never Had Before'

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Former player Gary Lineker had only great things to say about Carlos Alcaraz, and Mats Wilander agreed with the footballer.

Carlos Alcaraz is one special talent, so much so that even those that aren't active in tennis can recognize it. He caught the attention of NBA superstar Jimmy Butler who watched and met Alcaraz in Miami. The American also made his way to Wimbledon to watch him play recently, and he's not the only one. Former football player Gary Lineker is another athlete amazed by Alcaraz.

Lineker was never a tennis player but the former football legend has a keen interest in sports. One of those sports is tennis and he's been a regular at Wimbledon for many years. The Englishman heaped praise on Alcaraz after his most recent performances at Wimbledon comparing him to some of the greatest footballers to ever play the game.

What a talent Carlos Alcaraz is. He looks and moves like a footballer, with the power and pace of a [Cristiano] Ronaldo, mixed with the deftness of touch and feel of a [Lionel] Messi, but with a racquet.

Lineker on Alcaraz

Mats Wilander has some history in tennis, and he certainly knows the sport well. Earlier this year, the former player called Alcaraz the most exciting tennis player, and he certainly agrees with some of what Lineker said.

I agree with the analysis, but he left out the most important part, because maybe there isn’t a footballer that does it – the smile that he brings to the Centre Court. When there’s pressure, he’s still out there having a great time and you can see he’s having a great time because he’s smiling..

Indeed, that smile is something we haven't seen in a while. Most tennis players are very serious about their craft, and Alcaraz is too, but for him, tennis is still a game. He largely approaches it the way he did as a kid and it shows in the joy he shows by being on the court and we'll see it in action against Daniil Medvedev on Friday.

That is so new. Not even the great Roger Federer did that. Rafa [Nadal] certainly not, Novak [Djokovic] once in a while, but not in the same way. Obviously, I’m very high on Carlos Alcaraz as a tennis player, but as a human he’s bringing a new thing to tennis that we’ve never had before.

Wilander on the joy Alcaraz brings to a tennis court


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