'No One Is Listening To Me': Murray Reiterates Retirement Decision

'No One Is Listening To Me': Murray Reiterates Retirement Decision

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray already announced the he would retire during the summer, yet, he's still getting asked about the decision.

Murray's retirement has been a hot topic this year, but even before this season started. Whatever event he played, the Brit was asked about when he'd retire, as seemingly everyone was eager to see him hang it up.

He hung around and kept pushing, but that is going to come to an end this year. After a terrible start to the year, talks about retirement became louder. Murray even flirted with the idea, dropping a few hints here and there.

While his play has improved recently with some wins in the Middle East and a win in Indian Wells, it's not enough to keep Murray going.

He kept playing, believing himself to be competitive, but it's pretty clear that the Brit is struggling to stay competitive week in and week out, which the loss to Andrey Rublev showed quite well. After the match, Murray confirmed his retirement plans.

"I feel like no one is listening to me (laughter). I mean, yeah, I'm planning on finishing in the summer. I don't know what more I can -- yeah, I don't know what more I'm supposed to say."

It might have been said jokingly, but Murray is right. Now that he's confirmed it, everybody seems to ignore it, even though he was basically pushed to announce the decision. It's a very strange situation, but Wimbledon will likely be the Brit's last tournament.

"I've been getting asked about it for 18 months or so, and it's obviously something I have thought about, but I hadn't made a decision on. Once I have made the decision, I have expressed that, and no one is listening to it. So I don't really understand why I keep getting asked, to be honest (smiling)."


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