Swiatek Ready To Lose World No. 1 Ranking To Preserve Health

Swiatek Ready To Lose World No. 1 Ranking To Preserve Health

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek doesn't mind playing a lot of events right now, but she certainly wants to have a balanced schedule down the line, even if it costs her the number one rank.

Organizing a player's calendar is a rather tricky thing for any tennis player. There is a sweetspot when it comes to the amount of tennis they should play every year, and every player is looking to find it.

Some play more than others, but generally, it's been proven that a relatively moderate calendar produces the best results. Novak Djokovic's longevity is partly attributed to carefully choosing his calendar from a relatively young age.

Other players have followed suit, as we saw Carlos Alcaraz recently lament the really long season. When it comes to Swiatek, she plays a lot of events. For now, it's by choice because she wants to play as much, but in the future, it's going to change.

She spoke about it during her Indian Wells press conference, admitting that she's not yet figured out how her ideal calendar will look, certainly not to the extent of some of her older colleagues.

"Maybe in the future it will be smarter to become this kind of player who is missing some tournaments, but really focusing on the important ones."

"Really scheduling your calendar in a way that you are not rushing to get points or anything. But you’re really doing it step-by-step like some of the top players—older and more experienced ones—I’m still kind of thinking about it."

The Polish player is excited about the Olympics and the chance to compete in them. The calendar is going to be tricky, but she's ready for it. As she explained to the media, she's still in the stage of wanting to play in every big event.

"But I’m at this stage where I want to play everything. Especially the tournaments where I know I felt comfortable at. For sure before the Olympics it would be hard for me to decide I’m gonna miss this one. Just to stay fresh and have appropriate time for recovery. So we’ll see but if it’s gonna be necessary we may do that."


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