Raducanu Pleased After Dealing With 'Brutal' Nature Of Tennis In Indian Wells Opener

Raducanu Pleased After Dealing With 'Brutal' Nature Of Tennis In Indian Wells Opener

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu started her 2024 Indian Wells Open campaign with a win, and she was very pleased with her performance in a rather brutal match.

The Brit hasn't had the type of comeback she hoped to have. While most people anticipated some struggle, there were also some over-optimistic people who expected her to win everything.

She was also rather disheartened by some of her losses, but luckily, things went about as well as they could in the Indian Wells opener.

She faced a tricky player and won in two sets. Some things didn't really work well, like the serve, but overall, Raducanu was able to overcome all of that and win the match, and she was pleased about it.

Talking to the media after the win at the WTA 1000 event, Raducanu admitted to being pleased with her focus and how she bounced back when things didn't go quite well.

"Things happen in tennis where you don’t expect a particular shot [to work] and you have to deal with it. Tennis is one of the toughest sports out there about focusing, refocusing, momentum shifts, and the scoring system is pretty brutal. I was really pleased with how I stayed focused, didn’t get down and competed really hard in tough situations."

Raducanu after IW win

The win was only her fourth in the last eight matches, but there is reason to be optimistic. She played really well in Indian Wells last year, as the conditions seemingly worked in her favor.

The draw is rather favorable, as she's playing Dayana Yastremska next. It's not a matchup Raducanu should fear because she has all the tools needed to beat her opponent.

She will need to improve her serve because a bad serving day will get her in trouble against Yastremska. Still, the Ukrainian has also struggled with consistency lately, so it should be a winable matchup for the Brit.


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