Nadal Gives Verdict On Djokovic Grand Slam Race: 'Not Going To Surpass Him'

Nadal Gives Verdict On Djokovic Grand Slam Race: 'Not Going To Surpass Him'

by Sebastian Dahlman

Rafael Nadal gave an interesting comment about the Grand Slam race with Novak Djokovic, saying that he won't surpass him.

The Grand Slam Race is perhaps the only open chapter regarding the GOAT debate. While many think it's settled and Djokovic got it, most want to see where each player ends up in the Grand Slam tally. Nadal might win a few more, and Djokovic is certainly expected to win a few more.

Depending on how that turns out, the GOAT debate narrative might also change, whether inconclusive or Djokovic is the consensus greatest of all time. We don't know what will happen, but Nadal doesn't think he'll surpass Djokovic in most Grand Slams won, as he revealed recently when talking at the presentation of the Teknon Tennis Clinic in Barcelona.

I am not going to surpass him, I don't think I am in that position. I live a reality very different, I haven't played for a year and for me personal success is maintaining the enthusiasm to do it again.

Nadal on the Grand Slam Race

It's an interesting response but likely a realistic one as well. Nadal just missed an entire year of action because of a complicated injury that could have ended his career. He doesn't know what will happen when he returns next year and whether he will be competitive.

Making a run and winning a couple of Grand Slams seems like a distant dream, even if it's not impossible. Compare that to Djokovic, who is literally still the most dominant player on the ATP Tour, winning Grand Slams left and right. Not only that, he's also pretty healthy, avoiding any kind of serious injury in years.

When you put all of that together there is just very little reason to give Nadal any kind of chance to really dethrone Djokovic as he already leads and is set to increase that lead next year.


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