Kasaktina Confronts Fan's Criticisms On Social Media Over WTA Match Scheduling

Kasaktina Confronts Fan's Criticisms On Social Media Over WTA Match Scheduling

by Alex Waite

Daria Kasatkina clashed with a fan on social media after the WTA player was criticized for previous comments about scheduling.

Currently, Kasatkina is on vacation from tennis, but she recently announced that she would be part of an exhibition competition - the MGM Macau Tennis Masters. The event will take place in December and conclude the season for many players before they return in January.

However, one fan took the announcement as an opportunity to target Kasatkina, who has previously spoken out about the demands of professional tennis and the WTA's scheduling. The fan quote posted the MGM Macau Tennis Masters announcement on X and went after Kasatkina specifically.

"Didn't Kasatkina put out an entire vlog crying about the hardships of tennis calendar and travelling?"

Ultimately, the post prompted a response from the Russian player, who chose to hit back with sarcasm rather than getting involved in a heated argument with the fan.

"I feel much better after 2 weeks of vacations, thanks for being worry about me."

But the conversation continued to play out publically on X and the fan once again hit out at Kasatkina for her previous comments about WTA scheduling. However, the 26-year-old continued to defend herself and eventually told the original poster to politely get off social media.

"Because this whole "I want to pick and choose when and where to play but be paid as if I played every single tournament week" attitude is getting tiresome."


"Tiresome? So you can blame players because they “complain” and “crying”but you are tired from what? Spending 24/7 on twitter?😂 get a life."


This was not the first time that the Russian number one has shared her negative engagements with people on social media. In October this year, Kasatkina revealed how she received hate messages on Instagram after winning a match at the WTA Elite Trophy.


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