'Completely Out Of Control': Kasatkina Shares Hateful Messages After Winning Match

'Completely Out Of Control': Kasatkina Shares Hateful Messages After Winning Match

by Evita Mueller

Daria Kasatkina played and won a match at the WTA Elite Trophy, but that still wasn't good enough for some people who left hate messages on her Instagram.

It's been widely known that tennis players get plenty of hate on social media after basically every match. Most of the time, it's because the player in question loses a match, which causes either a lot of enraged fans to leave hate messages or, the more usual one, people who bet on the match to leave hateful comments.

Sometimes, even winning doesn't cut it, as Daria Kasatkina experienced on Thursday. The Russian is playing the WTA Elite Trophy in Zhuhai this week, and she took on Magda Linette.

The match was pretty good for the Russian as she won it in straight sets; however, that still wasn't good enough as she got hate for it.

She shared screenshots of the hate messages on X, putting a really funny caption on it. She pointed out that she actually won her match, and it still wasn't good enough, which is the point of it.

"I won btw. This shit is completely out of control."

It doesn't really matter whether you win or you lose; there is always going to be somebody unhappy with what you did. Betting certainly contributes to that because people are sensitive to their money, but in that case, you shouldn't be wagering it at all.

This is just the most recent example of the type of social media hate players get regularly as most of them could easily post screenshots after every match. It's actually commendable that they don't but then again, what would be the point?

Very few initiatives are coming from the sport to help out with that, which is disheartening, but then again, it's not the Tour's main problem it seems. Unfortunately.


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