'I Will Play Again': Nadal Finally Confirms Tennis Comeback After Months Of Uncertainty

'I Will Play Again': Nadal Finally Confirms Tennis Comeback After Months Of Uncertainty

by Sebastian Dahlman

Rafael Nadal has finally confirmed that he will indeed play tennis again during a recent appearance in Barcelona.

Nobody really expected Rafael Nadal to retire from tennis despite his injury recovery lasting far longer than anybody anticipated. The Spaniard has talked about his comeback before, so we all knew that he was going to come back eventually.

He finally officially confirmed it during a recent appearance in Barcelona, where he took part in the opening ceremony of the Teknon Tennis Clinic in the city. Nadal does all of his medical checks in Barcelona and has for years.

If you want something new that I haven't told you until now, well, I didn't know if I would play tennis again one day and now I sincerely believe that I will play again. Let it be in one place or another because I'm not ready to say it yet. But I am happy with how things are evolving.

I understand the interest of the news but in the end when this happens, or when I know I'm coming back, I'll say it. When I know what I'll do, I'll be the first to tell you anything.

We're yet to see where exactly Nadal will make his comeback and whether it will truly happen at the Australian Open. He never confirmed that Down Under will be where it's going to happen but speculations suggest so.

He's been practicing for a while, so it's not impossible to see him on the courts in January. Fans hope it's as soon as possible, but we'll see. As you can tell from the quotes, it's not that Nadal knows and doesn't want to tell.

It's more about the situation being so fluid that he, too doesn't really know how things will go. As soon as he knows, he will let it be known.


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