Nadal Doesn't Need 'Attention Or Prize Money' On His Tennis Comeback Says Clijsters

Nadal Doesn't Need 'Attention Or Prize Money' On His Tennis Comeback Says Clijsters

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal has achieved everything a tennis player can in his career, so why is he still trying to play tennis? Kim Clijsters may have an idea.

For a relatively non-competitive person, it might seem hard to understand why somebody like Nadal simply wouldn't end his career. He achieved much more than he likely ever hoped he would, earning more money than he could spend, so why continue pushing despite physical issues?

He's very competitive, and people who are competitive are simply wired differently. He loves to compete, and he loves to play tennis, so if he can do that, why wouldn't he? It's really that simple, but actually doing it is far from simple.

He's attempted a comeback twice this year, and it hasn't quite worked out well so far. An injury cut it short both times, as his body seemingly struggles to remain injury-free.

He put a lot of wear and tear on it over the years. What is certain, though, is that he's not doing it for attention or money. Kim Clijsters has experience with coming back, and she recently spoke about it to noted journalist Christopher Clarey.

"It's trying to get back and pushing yourself. We've been taught to think that way as little kids already. If you're lucky enough to work with good people early on who are able to set goals, it shapes you."

"There are long term goals, but there are short term goals all the time. I see that now in my way of thinking. I'm very goal orientated. It's a habit from years and years of listening to my coaches and people around me."

The former Belgian tennis player mentioned both Nadal, but also Angelique Kerber, who also returned to the sport, as did Caroline Wozniacki, saying they don't need prize money or attention, they just want to compete and achieve small goals.

"There's the six-to-eight week goal, the six months goal, the year goal. I can't speak for Rafa or Angie, but I assume it's that challenge, of pushing yourself to get to those little goals, make those little steps ahead. It's within yourself. It's not because they need more attention or more prize money. Of course, the title is the end of it all, but it's really about the little parts before you get there."


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