Nadal And Djokovic Spark Internet Frenzy With Joint Photo From Journey To Indian Wells

Nadal And Djokovic Spark Internet Frenzy With Joint Photo From Journey To Indian Wells

by Erik Virostko

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are two of the most popular active tennis players in the world and that only multiplies when they appear next to each other.

The two share a total of 46 Grand Slam titles among them, with Nadal winning 22, while Djokovic owns a record in this regard, winning mind-blowing 24 majors in his career.

The two are rivals, but they don't mind having a chat every now and then. The Spanish player recently surprised many by saying that he doesn't consider Roger Federer to be his friend, showing how different relationships between athletes are from normal relationships.

The two have been away from the tennis courts since playing in Australia, and while in Nadal's case it ended with an injury and withdrawal from the Australian Open, Djokovic was stopped by an inspired Jannik Sinner, who went on to win the tournament.

Now, the two are set for their "first" in five years, as both are set to compete at the 2024 Indian Wells, where neither of the two played since 2019.

Before that, Nadal will play in the Netflix Slam against Carlos Alcaraz, but there's one thing that Nadal and Djokovic share, and that's a journey from Europe to the United States.

And while many would assume that they share the journey only in general, the two have shared it quite literally, appearing on the same airplane to the United States.

Djokovic shared an image of their meeting on Instagram, calling his rival "Great company on the way to USA."

It looks like the Spanish player is the one who has snapped the picture, as the two probably met on a commercial flight, as it appears to be from the picture. Thanks to that, they could have created this legendary pictures, while the flight attends likely didn't believe their eyes.


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