'Wouldn't Consider Him A Friend': Nadal Gives Honest Take On His Relationship With Federer

'Wouldn't Consider Him A Friend': Nadal Gives Honest Take On His Relationship With Federer

by Zachary Wimer

Contrary to popular belief, Rafael Nadal recently admitted that he doesn't consider Roger Federer a friend, which might surprise many.

For years now, many people have assumed that the two rivals have a really close relationship. But it seems that Nadal would disagree. Despite crying during the Swiss' retirement, even more so than Federer himself, Nadal admitted in a recent interview with LaSexta that he doesn't necessarily consider Federer a friend.

That may be surprising to everyone who has followed their dynamic over the years because they seemed to be pretty close. However, for Nadal, a friend is not the right word to use.

According to the Spanish player, even though the two have a great relationship, he probably wouldn't use a word friend.

"We have shared most of our careers. We have helped each other. We have also taken away a lot. We have achieved a level of self-demand that is difficult to repeat because we knew that we could not fail."

Nadal on Federer

"That competition pushed us to the limit. I wouldn't consider him a friend, but someone familiar, with whom I have a great relationship."

It's a very interesting way to describe a relationship which apparently isn't a friendship but a familiarship maybe. What is true is that they truly get along pretty well despite spending almost two decades plotting to beat each other on the tennis courts.

There is tremendous respect between them as rivals, but friendship might not be the best word. Djokovic certainly thinks it's the wrong word. It doesn't even matter in reality; as long as there is the prospect of them sharing a tennis court again.

Friendship or not, tennis needs Nadal and Federer on good terms, but their rivalry was the foundation of the golden era of tennis, which has been gone for a while.


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