'Lost My Head': Medvedev Refuses To Blame Spectators For Outburst At ATP Finals

'Lost My Head': Medvedev Refuses To Blame Spectators For Outburst At ATP Finals

by Evita Mueller

In a full circle moment for Daniil Medvedev, the Russian admitted to losing his head against Jannik Sinner, which is exactly what Alcaraz said when he lost to Medvedev at the US Open not long ago.

Losing your mind seems to be a trend this year, as we saw several players really go ballistic. Even this week at the ATP Finals, things have been going pretty badly for some players.

We saw Andrey Rublev destroy his knee with his racquet. And we've seen Daniil Medvedev clash with the crowd during his match against Sinner. At one point in the match, Medvedev clashed with a spectator after which the crowd got involved so he clashed with them as well.

The interesting thing is that Medvedev used the same description as Alcaraz did two months ago. When the Spaniard lost to Medvedev at the US Open, he said that he lost his mind in that match, which is how Medvedev described this as well.

He was asked about the situation after the match and provided context.

To be honest, nothing. I lost my head a little bit more because I lost a break. I will be honest, the crowd I think was very nice here in Turin throughout the week. Again, as I said before the match, it's normal that they support Sinner. But when I was doing some good shots, I felt a lot of - it's not support, but a lot of applauses, which was very nice.

Medvedev on the incident

The Russian refused to blame the Italian crowd, as according to him, their behaviour was expected, and it wasn't really disrespectful.

Yeah, so I lost my head a little bit. Double-fault on the break point. For sure they cheer a little bit the double-fault, but that is normal. He got the break, so I lost it. That was kind of the only game where I lost my head. Not much to talk about.


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