WATCH: Medvedev Clashes With Booing Italian Crowd At ATP Finals

WATCH: Medvedev Clashes With Booing Italian Crowd At ATP Finals

by Evita Mueller

Daniil Medvedev predictably clashed with the Italian crowd during his 2023 ATP Finals match against Jannik Sinner.

If you were told that Daniil Medvedev was playing an Italian player on Italian soil in a match that sent the victor into the final of the ATP Finals, you probably wouldn't be shocked to hear that the Russian and the crowd clashed.

The Italian crowd is not shy about booing players. We saw it earlier this year at the Italian Open in Rome, where the crowd booed players for all sorts of things, justified and not.

They're particularly hostile when you're playing against one of their own, and that's what basically doomed Medvedev. It was just a matter of time before it was going to happen and when it happened, neither side really disappointed.

Medvedev gestured to them to be quiet while they kept going. Novak Djokovic experienced some of that earlier in the week as well, but he saw the funny side of it.

Medvedev is notorious for clashing with crowds, as he does it often. It's something he'd like to stop doing, but in the heat of the battle, it just kind of happens. Ultimately, though, the Russian lost the match to Sinner, so the crowd had the last laugh.

Check out the video below of Medvedev and the crowd clashing before Sinner beat him. It ended a pretty good year for Medvedev. He didn't win any Grand Slam trophies but won several other events, especially in the first part of the year.

The indoor season was decent for him but probably not as good as he had hoped, as he missed out on some trophies, such as the one in Vienna. Overall, it was a good year, and some signature clashing with the crowd to conclude the year. We'll see him again in a few weeks in the Middle East.


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