WATCH: Rublev Cracks His Knee Open During Angry Outburst At ATP Finals

WATCH: Rublev Cracks His Knee Open During Angry Outburst At ATP Finals

by Evita Mueller

Andrey Rublev is a very passionate player, but sometimes he takes it too far, like recently at the ATP Finals against Carlos Alcaraz.

The outbursts of Andrey Rublev are pretty well known in tennis circles, as they do happen semi-frequently. The Russian just has a burning passion for tennis and wants to win every match, so when things go badly, he snaps.

It's something that he tries to work on, but sometimes emotions simply boil over, which then can result in scenes like the one we had in Turin. As Alcaraz was cruising through the match, the Russian simply got frustrated and, as often, unleashed his frustration on himself.

He has a habit of smacking his knee with his racquet when things go badly, which often results in some bleeding. There were more than a few stoppages of play during his matches for trainers to stop the bleeding, and it's just not a great look.

Rublev was asked about the knee following the loss to the Spaniard and he deflected the questions by simply stating that it's fine.

It's okay. Nothing. Nothing happen.

Rublev on the knee

It's not something that is likely to stop because that's just who Rublev is, but it would be wise if he stopped cracking his knee open from time to time. There has got to be a better way of dealing with his frustration than that.

As for the event and his loss, it's been disappointing for the Russian. Rublev had hoped to really have a strong finish to the year, but this has not been it so far.

Yeah, of course it's not easy because you always want to finish in a good way. Sometimes, yeah, you get disappointed when it's not happening. Today happen this thing that I get disappointed and couldn't manage.

Rublev on the match


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