'Ever Seen Federer Or Nadal Behave Way Djokovic Did?': Panatta Rips Into Djokovic

'Ever Seen Federer Or Nadal Behave Way Djokovic Did?': Panatta Rips Into Djokovic

by Sebastian Dahlman

Former ATP player Adriano Panatta ripped into Novak Djokovic during a live broadcast of the match between the Serbian and Jannik Sinner.

Adriano Panatta is a former player who often expressed interview views on current players. He's not always overly negative, but he's also not afraid to really speak his mind about topics he feels strongly about.

That's what happened at the ATP Finals, where Panatta ripped into Djokovic as he was playing against Jannik Sinner. As an Italian, Panatta's bias was obvious towards Sinner, but he took exception to Djokovic, who he accused of doing anything possible to break up his opponent's rhythm.

Djokovic took a toilet break in the match. He called the physio as well, and according to the former player, it was deliberate to break up the rhythm of Sinner.

Have you ever seen Federer or Nadal behave the way Djokovic did tonight? He would have bet anything that he would try for the match to break the rhythm, he always does. First the bathroom, then the physio, he tries everything. I don't like that attitude at all, thank goodness Sinner doesn't care, he stays there calmly.

We don't know whether that's the case, but even if it is, it's legal. Plenty of players do that type of stuff, and it's not exclusive to Djokovic. He's also kind of one of the best players of all time who wins a lot of matches regardless, so it's not like he needs to or does this all the time.

Sinner clearly didn't mind as he remained calm and kept playing his game, emerging on top eventually. He won the match, which made Thursday's match between Djokovic and Hubert Hurkacz have a totally new dimension.

The Serbian needs to win to advance, and many expect him to do that, but with a straight-sets win over the Italian, his place in the Final Four would be sealed.


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