Kyrgios Asks For 'Patience' In Alcaraz's Development, Praises 'Superhuman' Djokovic

Kyrgios Asks For 'Patience' In Alcaraz's Development, Praises 'Superhuman' Djokovic

by Sebastian Dahlman

Nick Kyrgios is a huge fan of Carlos Alcaraz and loves everything that he does on a tennis court, but he called for patience to allow him to blossom into the player he can become.

Carlos Alcaraz is an amazing player, right? It's an easily demonstrable fact, so let's just point out that he won Wimbledon this year by beating Novak Djokovic in the final. He did it on a packed Centre Court, a court on which Djokovic hadn't lost in 10 years.

As such a good player, the Spaniard also has a lot of fans, some of them his colleagues. One of them is Nick Kyrgios who actually predicted Alcaraz to win the 2021 US Open before the event started. He just loves the way Alcaraz approaches tennis.

Well, he got a chance to comment on the match between Alcaraz and Andrey Rublev. It was a straight-sets win for the Spaniard, who was praised by Kyrgios for his efforts. On top of that, Kyrgios urged fans to have a bit more patience with the youngster.

To be this young and dominating the way he (Alcaraz) has I think is incredible. There's always going to be people saying, 'We want more, we want more', but you've got to be patient with him, I think he's doing enough for that age. Novak is obviously superhuman, he is an alien from another planet.

Kyrgios is right because the tennis audience has been spoiled in the past 20 or so years. We had three legendary players competing weekly, which likely won't happen ever again. Comparing anybody to that output is unfair, and even then, Alcaraz did a few things even they didn't.

He became the youngest number one ever, which speaks volumes. He'll be good for a long time, he just needs to be allowed to undergo the journey.


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