Kyrgios Takes Sly Dig At People Bashing His Investment Into Pickleball

Kyrgios Takes Sly Dig At People Bashing His Investment Into Pickleball

by Zachary Wimer

Nick Kyrgios is trying himself out in the business world as the Australian has invested in some sports like pickleball.

Nick Kyrgios has never hidden his business aspirations. To be completely fair, he's never hidden anything, and investing has recently become a thing for him as he's trying to look out for himself after his career on the ATP Tour is over.

He spends a lot of time in the United States, and quite recently the top trend in the United States became pickleball, with many celebrities jumping on the bandwagon and investing into the fast-growing sport.

Kyrgios was one of those that invested into pickleball and he's not particularly worried that some people cricitize that. That's not been his first sports investment either as the Australian invested in a baksetball team back home in Australia becoming a part owner.

When posting recently on Instagram, Kyrgios responded to his critics who based him on pickleball investment with a picture showing the sport to have the biggest participation growth in 2023.

"Why would you invest in pickleball."

According to recent statistics, the sport is heading for a bright future, but whether professional pickleball ever becomes mainstream remains to be seen. There has been a lot of animosity from the tennis community towards pickleball, especially after some players expressed an interest in it.

It's also a grassroots problem because many tennis courts in the United States are being converted into pickleball courts, and it's a problem for amateur players who just want to enjoy a game of good old tennis.

When it comes to Kyrgios, he's never been concerned with what other think, and when it comes to pickleball investment, it may once again serve him good. Hopefully for tennis fans, he's return to the tennis court soon, because it's been far too long since they had a chance to see him.


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