Alcaraz 'Won Two Slams Just For Practice' As He's Just 'Getting Started' Says Roddick

Alcaraz 'Won Two Slams Just For Practice' As He's Just 'Getting Started' Says Roddick

by Zachary Wimer

According to former ATP player Andy Roddick, while Carlos Alcaraz has two Grand Slams to his name right now, many more are coming in the future.

When Carlos Alcaraz won the 2023 Wimbledon, many were enchanted by the Spaniard and his potential. It happened even before that, but that victory over Novak Djokovic was huge.

It was worldwide news because this kid barely knew how to play on grass and beat one of the best grass players we've ever seen. Things settled down a little bit since then, as Alcaraz is yet to make a final since Cincinnati Open, so now there is an oppposite situation.

Now, people wonder whether he'll actually win anything close to 10 Grand Slams. For Andy Roddick, the answer is pretty clear. There is no question that the Spaniard will win many more and certainly get to that number.

He talked about the Spaniard's potential during his Netflix Slam broadcast with Andre Agassi. The match was an exhibition between Alcaraz and Nadal, with the younger Spaniard winning in three sets.

"It was obvious from when he came and won his first Major at the US Open, which we're going to see here. Won a bunch of five-set night matches, down a match point, somehow negotiates his way through that draw and takes it."

Roddick on Alcaraz's maiden Grand Slam run

Roddick also talked about the Wimbledon triumph, which he called an unreal effort. Ultimately, it seems like he's just starting out, and winning two Grand Slams when he is not even close to his peak is amazing.

"And this is the one [Wimbledon 2023 winning moment] that put him on an absolute global stage. Taking out the king, Novak, in his own backyard at Wimbledon in five sets. Just an unreal effort. You feel like he's just getting started and it's like he won two Slams just for practice. I can't wait to see the rest of his career."

Very likely, more majors are coming for the young Spaniard in the future, and there doesn't seem to be no real ceiling for him either.

"I don't think there is one for him (a ceiling). The Big 3 have renogiated what a ceiling looks like. Before he even won a Slam, people were asking me, 'Is he going to win 10?' That's a little ridiculous when you have names like Agassi, McEnroe, and Connors, who won 8-7."

"But I think he's going to be in that range for sure, as bottom. And I think he has the potential to maybe get double digits. Listen, we have to reset our expectations a little bit."


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